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If you’re already a fan of the series, you know that Log Horizon is a very political one. When I say “political,” I don’t mean that the author, Mamare Touno, is trying to advance a specific ideology. I mean it’s about politics, literally. One might think that trying to center a story on politics like this would push people away, but instead Log Horizon has become a very successful media franchise with light novels, manga, and anime.

Why is this? How does an author take a series about one of the most bland yet divisive…

Some surprises, both good and bad.

The first anime season of 2021 has drawn to a close so now it’s time to catalog the best and the worst. While I didn’t get to everything that aired this winter, I did catch about a dozen shows and that seems like a fair sample, especially since it’s a personal record for how many series I kept up with at once.

So, what impressed me, and what disappointed?

Best of the season (pleasant surprise): Wonder Egg Priority

I went into Wonder Egg Priority blind and came out thoroughly impressed. It’s beautifully animated, hard hitting, and skillfully made considering the staff is relative…

Of about a dozen new shows!

Note: Please look at the end for an important announcement!

Happy new year and welcome to a brand new segment for this blog! I hope the new year has treated you well. 2020 was rough for all of us, but we’re off to a fresh start with some hope on the horizon.

Anyway, with this segment of my blog, my hope is to catalog all the new seasonal anime I watch after a few weeks and give my initial thoughts and analysis on each of them. …

The now modern classic has reached the 10 year milestone

If you’ve ever cried at the end of an anime, there’s a good chance you were weeping to the work of Jun Maeda, the creative powerhouse behind Key, a visual novel and anime production company. Some of their most known visual novels include “AIR,” “CLANNAD,” and “Little Busters!” (all of which received anime adaptations) and notably, they co-produced the anime “Angel Beats!”

It currently ranks at #273 on the user-based anime list site anime-planet, and is the 13th most watched title. Similarly, on the listing site MyAnimeList, it sits at…

How did Tatsuyuki Nagai use direction to make one of the most despicable villains sympathetic?

WARNING: This article contains huge spoilers for the Index/Railgun franchise. It explains, in detail, events from important moments in the story. There are major spoilers for the Sisters arc of the franchise and minor spoilers for events thereafter. Just a heads up. You’ve been warned!

A Certain Scientific Railgun S episode 12

I wrote about “A Certain Magical Index” a year ago and why you should watch it and in that article I went over some of my favorite story arcs as a reason why.

Part of what makes the Sisters arc…

You got the time, I got the recs.

COVID-19. I’m sure you’ve seen that code many, many times over. You might even be sick of hearing about the Corona Virus, ironically enough. And if you’re reading this close enough to its publication, you’re probably at home quarantined. You might be bored out of your mind or might be, hopefully, perusing through Netflix to find something to get you through the days stuck at home. Even as some states begin to reopen their economies, many people are still staying home.

Luckily for you I’m an anime fan who likes to make…

Please get mad at me over the anime I dropped

I want to preface this with an apology. I wanted to keep the content coming every week but life got a tad hectic these last few weeks. I ended up getting a new full time job and they worked me for a week straight before giving me a day off, and plus there’s all the COVD-19 stuff going on, and since this new job is a retail job I’m not getting leave or ordered to stay home.

Anywho the point is I have had significantly less time to write recently…

In short: make it watchable!

Welcome to our next segment on AQOTW! This week, we’ll take a look at what makes an anime adaptation good with respect to its source material. Adapting a manga, light novel, or game into a visual television show, OVA, or movie, is tough. It involves taking a textual medium and turning it into a visual one. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. So, when it *does* work, why does it?

Spoiler: We’re gonna talk about Steins;Gate for a bit

Most anime is an adaptation. It wouldn’t even be much of a stretch to say anime in general are just large, well funded, well…

A new segment begins!

You may have noticed I’m not a frequent uploaded on here. It takes time, to be blunt, to write these long analyses and reviews. I have several projects in the works including something on Angel Beats! and Shiki for their 10th anniversaries this year, Blood Blockade Battlefront is turning 5, my best-of-the-decade list, something deeper on the Index franchise and a slew of other things.

But as I mentioned, these take time, and I want to upload more while I work on them. In this new segment “Anime Question of the Week” I’ll be answering questions…

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